Iran Attack on Israel

World War 3 has started, now America and Russia will also be a part of the war

With Iran’s recent attack on Israel, tensions in the Middle East are rising, and some are drawing comparisons to Nostradamus’s foretellings. The entire world was shocked on April 13 when Iran attacked the Jewish nation with rockets, missiles, and suicide drones. Air raid sirens are screaming in many areas, from the northern and southern parts of Israel to the northern West Bank and even the Dead Sea; Nostradamus’s prophecies of maritime conflict and geopolitical unrest have come back to life.

Internet users are worried about the likelihood of a third global war as Iran directly challenges Israel with a multifront attack utilizing suicide drones, missiles, and rockets. Many people think that if World War 3 breaks out, there would be two sides: one made up of North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Yemen, and the United States, and one with NATO, the United States, Israel, and the United Kingdom. “Fears that Iran and Israel’s rivalry ‘could spark World War III’ with Vladimir Putin ‘rubbing his hands,'” another person said. “Germany forming alliances with Poland, France, Great Britain, and the United States during World War III.” wrote an additional one.

Do you know the well-known French astrologer from the 16th century, Nostradamus? Known as the prophet of doom, his prophecies have frequently chilled people to the bone. Nostradamus made several horrifying predictions for the year 2024 in his book “Les Prophecies” (The Prophecies), some of which have already come true and others of which are still in the works.

Since the Israel-Hamas war began in October, Tehran has depended on proxies throughout the Middle East; nevertheless, its unprecedented strike on Israel early on Sunday represents a shift in Tehran’s strategy. While Washington explores diplomatic steps to reduce regional tensions, all eyes are on Israel to decide whether to take additional military action.

Iran claims the attack was a reaction to an airstrike earlier this month that it claims damaged consular offices in Syria and killed two generals with its paramilitary Revolutionary Guard. The bombing was largely attributed to Israel.

Israel reported that its anti-missile defense system, supported by the United States and Britain, took down nearly all of the over 300 drones and missiles that Iran launched overnight. According to Mona Yacoubian, vice president of the Middle East and North Africa center at the U.S. Institute of Peace, Iran has successfully struck a balance between taking public revenge for the Damascus strike and avoiding inciting more Israeli military action—at least initially—which could spark a much wider conflict.

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