Pakistani boxer Usman

Usman Wazir, the boxer who made Pakistan famous at the world level, formed his own team

Usman Wazeer is a seven-year boxing veteran who has never lost and has an unblemished record of eight victories against zero defeats. We had the pleasure of speaking with this winner and learning about his life story, which included giving back to the community and dealing with problems including a lack of help from the government. To learn more, continue reading below.

He is the first Pakistani boxer to win the Asian title from the Asian Boxing Federation (ABF) and is currently undefeated in the welterweight division. With this most recent triumph, Wazeer has now prevailed in each of his nine career professional fights.

At the Thailand Space Plus Arena in Bangkok, Pakistani boxer Usman “The Asian Boy” Wazeer defeated Thai fighter Namchai Singmansak in his International Ranking match. In the third round, he won via knockout punch; the Thai boxer fell to the ground, prompting the referee to halt the bout.

In a message of congratulations sent here on Thursday, he stated that Usman Wazir’s victory in the World Youth Boxing championship has greatly elevated Pakistan’s standing. Usman Wazir won the WBO World Welterweight Youth Boxing title by knocking out Thai boxer Somphot Seesa. He described Usman Wazir as a very skilled boxer who easily won Pakistan’s professional boxing title. The best boxing talent has been blessed with Pakistan.

According to Punjab’s Minister of Sports, Sports Board Punjab is actively promoting boxing and other sports throughout the province. “Sports celebrities such as Usman Wazir are the real national heroes,” Masood Malik Taimoor included

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