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Unprecedented Flight Cancellations at Gilgit Airport Disrupt Tourism and Local During Peak Season

Of the 44 PIA flights scheduled to depart from Gilgit Airport between the first week of May 2024 and the present, only 14 have been completed. During the hottest summer and busiest travel season, Gilgit Airport handled just 14 flights in 22 days. Due to the daily unannounced flight cancellations, which are becoming frequent, both locals and visitors are experiencing numerous problems.

At Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, many aircraft operated by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) experienced delays or cancellations. Nevertheless, the airline withheld the explanations for these delays.

Significant interruptions to Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flight schedule on Wednesday led to three delays and six cancellations for unclear reasons.

The original departure time of flight PK 300 from Karachi to Islamabad was pushed back by six hours and twenty minutes, to 1:20 PM. Due to a six-hour and ten-minute delay, flight PK 301 from Islamabad to Karachi is currently scheduled to arrive in Karachi at 6:15 PM. Additionally, there will be a two-hour and ten-minute delay in the flight from Karachi to Sui.

Flights PK 302 from Karachi to Lahore, PK 303 from Lahore to Karachi, PK 307 from Lahore to Karachi, PK 502 from Gwadar to Karachi, PK 503 from Karachi to Gwadar, and PK 504 from Gwadar to Karachi are among the PIA flights that have been announced as canceled. It is recommended that travelers monitor for updates and make any required travel plans.

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