There is neither law nor democracy here. Opposition announced to go to court and walked out from the assembly session

Tensions have suffocated the political landscape for a long time between the ruling party and the opposition. The government has become the target of accusations of authoritarianism, corruption, and disregard for democratic norms. Important topics such as electoral procedures, social reforms, and economic policies were to be discussed at the last session of the assembly.

In organized dissent, members of the opposition stood up and recited slogans such as “There is neither regulation nor democracy” before leaving the assembly hall. The dramatic walkout was widely covered by the media, with images and videos circulating on social media, significantly influencing public opinion.

We are confident that the judiciary will uphold the principles of democracy and the rule of law. This is not just a political fight, it is a fight for the future of our country, said representing the opposition.

Public reaction was divided. Supporters of the ruling party argue that the opposition is acting and causing political instability. Conversely, supporters of the opposition see this as a critical stance against an increasingly despotic system. “We’ve had enough of being ignored. The opposition’s walkout is a national wake-up call. We need accountability and transparency,” said a member of a pro-opposition rally held in the capital.

Eyewitnesses from around the world have expressed concern about the growing political crisis. Various states emphasize the need for dialogue and respect for democratic institutions. “The international community is watching closely. The integrity of democratic processes of global importance, said, calling on both sides to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The opposition’s choice to walk out and seek legal action highlights the growing contradictions within the country’s democracy. The rule of law may be greatly affected by the outcome of this litigation. The path forward will require courage, tenacity, and a commitment to democratic ideals from all parties involved, whether through the courts or renewed political engagement.

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