Ibex Hunt in Gojal Hunza

Syed Murtaza Zaidi’s Ibex Hunt in Gojal Hunza

In the heart of the KVO Conservancy in Gojal Hunza, Pakistan, a remarkable tale unfolds – that of Pakistani hunter Syed Murtaza Zaidi and his successful hunt of a large ibex. This story not only highlights the prowess of a skilled hunter but also sheds light on the delicate balance between tradition and conservation in the region.

The Richness of Gojal Hunza and the KVO Conservancy

Gojal Hunza, with its rugged landscapes and diverse wildlife, stands as a testament to Pakistan’s natural beauty. At the heart of this region lies the KVO Conservancy, a sanctuary dedicated to preserving the rich biodiversity of the area, including the iconic ibex.

Syed Murtaza Zaidi: A Hunter with a Purpose

Syed Murtaza Zaidi, a seasoned hunter with a deep respect for nature, set out on a journey that combined his passion for hunting with a commitment to conservation. His experience and understanding of the terrain positioned him as a formidable force in the pursuit of the elusive ibex.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Tracking the ibex through rugged terrain and challenging weather conditions, Zaidi’s pursuit was a testament to his skill and perseverance as a hunter. With each step, he demonstrated not only his expertise but also his reverence for the natural world.

Responsible Hunting and Conservation

Zaidi’s successful hunt was not merely about claiming a trophy; it was about upholding responsible hunting practices and contributing to conservation efforts. Through regulated hunting programs like those at the KVO Conservancy, hunters like Zaidi play a crucial role in wildlife management and preservation.

Community Engagement and Conservation

Beyond the hunt itself, Zaidi’s story highlights the importance of community engagement in conservation initiatives. By involving local stakeholders and empowering them as custodians of their natural heritage, conservation efforts gain momentum and foster a sense of ownership among the people.

Reflecting on the Impact

As we celebrate Zaidi’s achievement, we also recognize the broader implications for wildlife conservation in Pakistan. Through responsible hunting practices and collaborative efforts, we can ensure the preservation of iconic species like the ibex while supporting the livelihoods of local communities.


Syed Murtaza Zaidi’s Ibex hunt in Gojal Hunza serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate relationship between tradition and conservation. In celebrating his success, we reaffirm our commitment to preserving the natural world for generations to come, where humans and wildlife coexist in harmony.

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