Karakorum International University

Students of the Karakorum International University (KIU) are protesting in large numbers across Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) due to the closure of multiple campuses

Students occupied the streets of Hunza and blocked the Ghizer and Karakoram highways for many hours. Students on protest called for the vice chancellor to be fired for his mishandling of the university’s campuses and a thorough inquiry into financial mismanagement at KIU.

Near opposition to the plan to close Diamer campus, a sizable group of KIU Diamer campus students organized a protest rally that blocked the Karakoram Highway (KKH) near Chilas.To demonstrate their support for the demonstrators, members of the political and civil society sectors, such as Baba Jan, the head of the Awami Workers Party, attended the demonstrations.

One of the students who was protesting remarked that the only higher education facility in the region is the KIU Diamer campus.
He said that students were anxious as a result of the decision to shut KIU campuses.The student said that the university’s management is the fault of KIU VC and administration.

He found it astounding that venture capitalists claim the campuses of Karakoram International University are losing money and have declared their closure due to lack of revenue. For many hours, the demonstration caused traffic to become stuck on the Karakoram highway, causing discomfort to both visitors and passengers.

Long lines of cars were seen on both sides, and traffic heading into or out of the nation was backed up there for several hours. The decision to raise the semester tuition by 25% was also roundly criticized by the students. They recommended giving Wapda control of Diamar Campus for an additional ten years.They insisted that, in light of the current needs, four new departments be established on the Diamar campus.

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