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Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly’s Initiative for Telecommunication Services

Gilgit Baltistan is renowned for its magnificent scenery, high altitudes, and vibrant culture. To the outside world, however, Gilgit Baltistan is defined by these qualities. To link GB to the global network, Scom internet access is essential. Scom distinguishes itself from other network systems with its well-established presence and wide range of offerings. Scom service has been bringing distant parts of GB into the internet age in recent years.


Scom was founded in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir in 1976 with the goal of developing, maintaining, and running all telecom services. SCOM has created extensive information technology and telecom infrastructure throughout the years. A network of 4800 KM optical fibers will be installed throughout the area as part of it. Scom offers IT and communications services to the public and private sectors.

Accessing the Internet in Gilgit-Baltistan

With the goal of bridging the digital divide, SCOM, or special communication organization, is a brand that emerged in a difficult geographic area. Scom is a government-owned company that is in charge of giving the citizens of Great Britain dependable telecommunications services. It is a public sector entity that is governed by the Ministry of Telecom and IT.

Gilgit Baltistan’s Connectivity Challenges

The northern Pakistani region of Gilgit Baltistan faced numerous difficulties, including severe weather and hilly topography. It was extremely difficult for Scom to set up a reliable communication infrastructure because of all these obstacles. It is well known that Gilgit Baltistan’s remote location affects not only the quality of life for its citizens but also the region’s ability to thrive economically and provide educational opportunities.

Scom Internet Service’s effects on Gilgit Baltistan

One very beneficial change that occurred in GB was the advent of internet service.

Economic Growth:

Local firms now have access to a wider market because to Scom’s links. Online commerce and digital entrepreneurship are growing. All of this promotes the economic growth of the area.

Possibilities for Education:

Thanks to the internet, students can now access a multitude of educational resources. This not only provides access to high-quality education but also to possibilities for learning and skill improvement. Students can now apply overseas with ease.


Residents of rural locations can now interact with healthcare specialists and obtain medical consultations thanks to telemedicine efforts that are currently being implemented in GB.

Warp up

In general, Scom is helping Gilgit Baltistan connect to the digital world in a big way. even if there are still certain shortcomings and space for development. Because of its established history, affordable prices, and wide range of offerings, Scom is a good alternative for customers throughout all of GB. Scom is the ideal internet service provider in Gilgit Baltistan’s breathtaking mountains. It can be considered a driving force for change in the area.

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