Youngest vlogger Shiraz Won the Gold Button From Youtube

Small vlogger Shiraz has set a new world record and got golden button from YouTube in two months

Muhammad Shiraz, a five-year-old YouTuber from Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan’s youngest, announced on Instagram that he had won the coveted YouTube gold play button. He was overcome with delight.

The shiny trophy, made of brass with a gold plating, is given to channels that exceed the incredible 1,000,000 subscribers threshold. Shiraz and his sister Muskan are ecstatic to be holding the esteemed award in a carousel post.

Recently, grade 1 student Shiraz joined Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, sharing his everyday activities and presenting the unadulterated rural life of the beautiful northern area that borders China.

Friends and family are shown in these endearing photos celebrating together. Shiraz has gained a devoted fan base and a great deal of respect because to his charming films, many of which include his family. This accomplishment is a major turning point in his developing career as a content producer and serves as motivation for aspiring vloggers throughout the country.

In a few of months, his effort at social media turned into a viral sensation that swept the internet, gaining over fans from across borders and throughout diaspora communities.

Originally from Ghursay, a 2,000-person community nestled in the foothills of Siachen, the highest battleground on Earth, Shiraz shows his audience not just the local festivities and celebrations but also swinging stony lanes and Persian-style homes.

“I wish to share my village’s beauty and the way of life here to visitors from outside.” When Anadolu questioned Shiraz about what inspired him to join YouTube, he said, “I just like it.” In February, the youthful influencer posted and shared his debut video, garnering tens of thousands of views and a YouTube Silver Play Button.

His vlogs, which go beyond the area’s obvious beauty and provide viewers a glimpse into daily life there, are enhanced by his bad Urdu and straightforward yet lighthearted narrative style. The region is part of the eastern Karakoram mountain range in the Himalayas.

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