Protest in Gilgit Demands Justice

Protest in Gilgit Demands Justice: Recovering 12-Year-Old Falak Noor

A protest was held in Gilgit today for the recovery of 12-year-old Falak Noor, who was allegedly abducted on January 20, 2024, from Sultabad, Gilgit. The case has reportedly been with the Gilgit Police for over two months, yet not much progress has been made toward recovering the minor. The two primary nominees are said to be on pre-arrest bail. The alleged abduction case has received much attention over the last week, causing outrage and protests.

On Sunday, a gathering of representatives from political parties, legal experts, human rights commissions, civil society, and media groups met in front of Islamabad’s National Press Club to call for immediate action to guarantee the safety and well-being of the kidnapped child.

The situation worsened when a video allegedly featuring Falak claiming to have been married to a 17-year-old kid in a Haripur court leaked from an undisclosed location in Mansehra. This information has raised grave worries about underage marriage, which is against the law and morality.

To stop such tragedies from happening in the future, the speakers and protestors underlined how urgently a comprehensive and transparent investigation is needed. Because the illegitimate marriage occurred within the jurisdiction of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Rights Commission, the commission’s involvement has come under close examination. The speakers and protestors questioned the commission’s responsibilities and actions in these situations.

The demonstrators also issued a severe warning, stating that the situation might turn into widespread public disturbance if the appropriate departments do not step in and take immediate action. They emphasized that they will not give up on their fight until the victim’s family receives clear and unmistakable justice.

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