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Prince Rahim Aga Khan inaugurated the new software technology park in Nasirabad, Hunza.

Prince Rahim extended his trip to Pakistan by visiting many AKDN projects in Hunza, in the country’s north, yesterday. In Nasirabad, he opened a Software Technology Park that will aid in Gilgit-Baltistan’s long-term growth.

High-speed internet, a continuous power supply, and co-working space for chambers of commerce, freelancers, and small and expanding start-ups will all be available at The Park. It will serve as the main resource for a hub-and-spokes network that connects other IT facilities in the region’s more isolated places. This will improve access to online education, career guidance and entrepreneurship, digital skill development, and freelancing business prospects.

NPAK Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of Industrial Promotion Services, the industrial and infrastructure development arm of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, is investing $6m in these projects. Other development partners will contribute $14m to enhance the region’s energy infrastructure. Investments in clean, sustainable sources of electricity across Hunza and the surrounding areas will address the region’s acute energy deficit while contributing to global efforts to mitigate climate change.

Prince Rahim also made a stop at the Altit Fort, walking through the surrounding streets – which have been settlements for over 1,000 years. The streets were lined with members of the Jamat and Ismaili Volunteers.
The 800-year-old fort, built by the ruling family of Hunza, has been restored by the Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan and is now a major attraction for tourists, a local history museum and a cultural centre. It received the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Award of Distinction in 2011.

Prince Rahim also stopped at the Altit Fort and strolled around the streets, which date back more than a millennium. There were Ismaili Volunteers and Jamat members lining the streets.

Built by the Hunza royal dynasty eight centuries ago, the 800-year-old fort is now a popular tourist destination, a local history museum, and a cultural hub thanks to restoration work done by the Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan. In 2011, it was granted the Asia-Pacific Award of Distinction by UNESCO.

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