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Multiple Major Fires Erupt Across Margalla Hills Amid Pakistan Heatwave, Over 10 Outbreaks Reported

Days after officials spent hours dousing flames that broke out in several spots of the gorgeous mountains in the city’s capital, a government official claimed on Monday that the recent forest fires in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills were the result of “negligence and mischief.”

Bushfires have frequently occurred in the summertime in the Margalla range, which is a part of the Himalayan foothills. This month, the mountain range has caught fire many times as a result of the country’s ongoing extreme heat wave.

Geo News was informed by Irfan Niazi, the director-general of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), that no species in the forests of Islamabad is capable of starting a fire on its own. “This is either the consequence of intentional mischief that gets out of control or the result of someone being careless.”

The official clarified that the primary components of a forest fire were elevated temperatures, swift winds, and “fuel.” He continued by saying that there was already fuel in Margalla Hills in the shape of fallen tree trunks and dried leaves.

The wind becomes warmer and climbs higher as the temperature rises, he added. But high-speed winds are produced when a cold breeze steps in to replace it. These conditions are now ideal for a forest fire. Then, when someone gets into mischief, the fire becomes bigger and spreads.

According to Niazi, there have been no reports of fatalities or property damage as a result of the fires. According to him, the CDA gives priority to putting out fires in the regions closest to residential areas whenever they occur.

According to Niazi, the CDA employed 300–350 more workers over a three-month period in the past to combat forest fires. In answer to a query, he stated that it was challenging to move trucks or heavy equipment to hilly areas where fires frequently broke out.

According to Niazi, “we transport firefighters in vehicles, but they have to walk miles to reach the fire site.” “To put out the fire, we employ traditional methods like beating and pruning the bushes.”

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