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More than 50 students of Gilgit-Baltistan were left helpless in Kyrgyzstan, may God keep them safe and sound

Videos, stories, and distress calls from Pakistani students in Kant and the capital of Kyrgyzstan are coming in thick and fast. Young people who are afraid claim that angry mobs smash into their hostels, beat them, take money, and damage personal belongings.

Students who were unable to leave their dormitories said that there was a paucity of food supplies while speaking with media over WhatsApp chats. Social media users are sharing unsettling images of armed mobs attacking students and smashing doors.

Media sources state that after a fight with Egyptian nationals on May 13, international students in Bishkek, including Pakistanis, were attacked by locals. It is yet unknown what sparked the altercation, but five Pakistanis are said to have been hurt. In light of the violence directed at the community of overseas students, Pakistan has encouraged students to remain indoors.

If the pupils’ claims about the harsh conditions they experience are true, the government ought to step in and help these troubled youth.

Fear and terror are being caused by conflicting signals spread by rumors and media reports. Thus, in order to meet the requirements of the students in Bishkek, including food, medical, safety, and even going home to their families, the Pakistani mission there must take a more active and approachable approach. The government should deal with these situations directly, which includes persuading the students and Kyrgyz authorities of their intentions.

Furthermore, the consular employees must to be instructed to provide sufficient assistance via helplines, which provide timely information and address issues encountered by distressed individuals. In order to ensure that youngsters who are stranded receive complete protection, our foreign minister need to assign staff to keep an eye on the issue and communicate with his counterpart in Kyrgyzstan.

It is not acceptable for a concerning tale of people living in unusual circumstances to turn into another instance of governmental desertion.

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