Karakoram Highway Blocked
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Karakoram Highway is completely closed for all traffic due to landslides at Lower Kohistan Patan

After another landslide in the Patan police station region of Lower Kohistan, the Karakoram highway was once again blocked to traffic.The Karakoram highway remains blocked for the third day due to recent rains, according to the police, and restoration work has not yet begun. According to police sources, certain sections of the blocked Karakoram highway in Chilas and Kohistan have had debris cleaned and are now open for travel.

The difficulties experienced by visitors and residents owing to bad weather were made worse by the restrictions that were announced on Wednesday. Earlier in the week, there had been brief periods of restoration for light traffic.

The GB Chief Minister Haji Gulbar Khan’s spokesman, Faizullah Faraq, said in a statement that landslides had blocked the KKH and that it would take two days to clear it for traffic. The people’s struggles have been made worse by the road obstructions, which have affected the region’s fuel supply and increased the price of fresh vegetables. Numerous vehicles have also been left stranded at different locations along the KKH.

Baltistan Road, Gilgit-Chitral Road, and Astore Road have all been made available to traffic, according to GB CM spokesperson Faraq. He said that other landslides had caused the KKH to close for traffic again, despite it having been reopened for smaller cars a day earlier.

A series of landslides triggered by sporadic rain and snow earlier this week shut several important routes in GB, including the KKH and Baltistan Road. Tuesday saw a partial reopening of the KKH for traffic, while the Baltistan Road remained closed for the third day running. Because to the closure of Baltistan Road, thousands of people from all across Great Britain were left stranded at various sites.

During extended periods of dry weather, snow and rain have begun to fall in GB. The British government had sent out a weather advisory for February 19–27, indicating a high chance of precipitation and snowfall. The departments have also been instructed by deputy commissioners to maintain vigilance in case of emergencies.

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