Karakoram University protest against fee
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Gilgit: Students of Karakoram University protest against fee hike

Today, students at Karakoram International University (KIU) blocked traffic outside the university to protest fee increases, poor administrative oversight, and other problems. The students said that they would not stop protesting until their demands were met.The students said that they would not stop protesting until their demands were met.

Many main campus students organized a protest by blocking Dayor Road and KIU Road in the morning, and they also boycotted their lessons. Slogans endorsing their requests and criticizing the university administration were being chanted by the demonstrators. The All-Students Alliance, KIU, made the protest appeal.

The students said that they had been demonstrating for more than a year in order to get their demands met. They claimed that in violation of Higher Education Commission (HEC) regulations, the institution management had been raising semester tuition. They said that since 2020, the semester tuition has climbed by 135%, despite HEC legislation only allowing for a 10% increase in a single year.

They stated that the institution collected greater tuition from students without offering them amenities, and they charged the management of the university of mismanaging money. Each year, the institution receives billions of rupees from the federal and GB governments, but they said that these funds were not being utilized to build campus amenities.

The demonstrators claimed that the university’s financial problems and poor administration had jeopardized the futures of thousands of students. They said that there is no such thing as free speech and that students face consequences for speaking out for their rights. With almost 10,000 local students enrolled, KIU is the sole public institution in the area.

The institution was to get a grant of Rs. 300 million from the government in order to lower the semester costs. The demonstrators said that after more than a month, the administration had failed to keep its word, compelling the students to begin their protest all over again.

According to sources, Special Assistant Hussain Shah and Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Youth Affairs Zabiullah arrived to KIU on Thursday and informed the administration that a grant from the GB government had already been issued to lower the semester costs.

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