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Falk Noor Free to go Wherever she wishes, Cheif Court

On Monday, the Chief Court of Gilgit-Baltistan declared that Falak Noor was free to choose whether to travel with her parents or her “husband.” The police SSP Gilgit was instructed to free her and provide protection so that she may proceed to “her desired destination” inside the Gilgit District.

This was a startling decision, particularly because a medical board that was assembled last week had concluded that the child was between the ages of 13 and 16 based on exams for her teeth, body, and gynecology. The girl’s age suggests that she is still a juvenile, yet the court decided to support the accused, according to Israruddin Israr, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s regional coordinator (HRCP).

Some inquiries have come up Israr stated. For two and a half months, she was in the grip of her kidnappers. She ought to have had psycho-social rehabilitation and been given time away from the accused for a week or two. Still, nothing of those things nor any other medical examinations were carried out. After requesting her statement, the court issued its ruling in a flurry, taking only one week to complete. She was only detained at the Darul Aman for four or five days.

Israr expressed the opinions of the angry civil society, who had been calling for Falak Noor to be healed and returned to her parents for some time.

He declared, This shows that we cannot trust the government to protect the child the next time. A quick judgment was taken without doing a thorough examination. At the age of seventeen, even the boy in this instance is a minor.

Israr stated that although they had all been working to combat the bad practice of child marriage, if decisions like this were made, it would only lead to an increase in these kinds of situations.

Although there isn’t a statute against underage marriage in Gilgit Baltistan, the national law is still in effect in this situation. “The Pakistani Supreme Court ought to speak up in this case. We shall ask our attorneys to go before the Supreme Appellant Court and file a suo moto petition before the SCP.

He claimed that SCP was responsible for carrying out the legislation.
There’s a tremendous sense of fear and disappointment right now, Israr said. This served as a test case for the human rights and child protection policies of Gilgit-Baltistan. If nothing else, they ought to have informed the girl that she may remain in the child protection unit until she reached the legal age of marriage. Rather, they simply handed her away.

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