Falak Noor will be produced in court on April 6

Falak Noor will be produced in court on April 6 by DIG Gilgit

The hearing date for the highly publicized Falak Noor case has been extended by the Baltistan Chief Court. This directive has instructed the Gilgit-Baltistan Police to make sure the 13-year-old appears in court on April 6, 2024.

The judgment was granted following the police’s request for further time during Tuesday’s court sessions. The police claimed that they were close to finding Falak Noor, 13, who had been taken from the Sultanabad area and was under the jurisdiction of the Danyore Police Station, Gilgit.

The police told the court at the hearing that although they were having trouble apprehending Falak Noor, they were extremely near to finding her. The police emphasized their commitment to her “safe recovery” by saying, “We are so close that we could potentially produce her today or tomorrow; however, we need two to three more days to ensure her safe custody.”

The police’s request was accepted by the court, which then postponed the hearing until April 6 and demanded that Falak Noor appear before it. The judge ordered the police to find the child and bring her to court by April 2 or risk contempt charges during the prior directive last week.

Senior Lawyer Ehsan Ali, an advocate, told the media outside the Chief Court after the proceedings that the police have been given one last chance to produce Falak Noor by the newly established deadline. Her father and legal counsel have accused the police of using delay tactics because of the delay in her presentation. They begged the court to deny the accused and the police any more extensions.

They assured that they were close to finding Falak Noor, who was allegedly abducted and forced into marriage against her parents’ desires, and they promised to stop at nothing to get justice.


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