Falak Noor produced in court in today
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Falak Noor Case: Falak Noor produced in court in today

Falak Noor, who was reportedly abducted by a neighbor from her village in Sultanabad, District Gilgit, was finally seen in the Sessions’ court on Thursday morning, after going missing for more than two months. The judge recorded her statement under 164 CrPC.

We anticipate that on the sixth, the Chief Court will do something significant, like form a medical board,” Israr stated. “We want her examined by a board of doctors to determine whether she has experienced violence and to look into her physical, mental, and sexual health.Israr laments, “Unfortunately, the GB Child Protection Unit is not operating. Although they lack the means, the government ought to get it up and running as quickly as feasible. Falak Noor is currently being held at the women’s police station, where she has been granted the status of Darul Aman, however this is a temporary arrangement.

Noor needed psychosocial therapy, according to Israr. After therapy, Noor should be taken to court, following the precedent set by the Dua Zehra case. Wazir Shafi, Falak Noor’s attorney, stated in an interview with Voicepk that no one had been informed in advance that Noor would be appearing in court. Instead, she was taken into the Sessions’ Court in secrecy.

When he left the courtroom on Thursday morning, he learned of this. Falak Noor was present in the Sessions court earlier.

“The accused party’s attorney had filed a request to record Falak Noor’s statement. However, we replied that her statement could not possibly be lawful or admissible in court under the Criminal Procedure Code, Shafi added. “She must be transported to a safehouse such as Darul Aman, receive psychological care, and be totally cut off from the accused and his accomplices in order for her statement to be taken. Along with her age, a medical panel should decide her B form, birth certificate, and all other birth documents that have been produced in court.

Two lawsuits are pending right now. The first is before the Sessions court and asks for the girl’s return as well as the arrest of those named in the FIR, including Fareed, 17, and his father, Azam Khan, who is accused of kidnapping her.

The Gilgit Baltistan Chief Court’s other case is a habeas corpus. Falak Noor’s next scheduled appearance is scheduled for April 6 under this court.

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