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Chinese National Granted Bail, Released from Skardu Jail Amid Illegal Mineral Smuggling Case

In a recent development in international legal affairs, a Chinese national has been granted bail and released from Skardu Jail amidst an illegal mineral smuggling case. The case has sparked significant attention due to its cross-border implications and the complexities surrounding the issue.

Khunjrab Security Force Takes Action in Hunza District

On May 24 this year, the Khunjrab Security Force (KSF) personnel arrested a Chinese citizen named Wang Jiangquo from the Khunjrab National Park area of Hunza district near the China-Pakistan border for allegedly trying to smuggle arms and ammunition to China. A case was registered against the Chinese national under the anti-terrorism law, and the accused was shifted to Giglit for investigation.
According to police, the Chinese citizen had arrived in Islamabad from China in the first week of May on a one-month visa. He then travelled by bus to Aliabad, Hunza, from where he reached Sost. In Sost, he hired a taxi to go to the Khunjrab National Park.

Illegal Mica Mining in Skardu

A Chinese national, illegally mining mica in Skardu, could not produce other necessary documents, including a permit, and Executive Magistrate Aamir Rana sentenced him to three imprisonment and a fine of Rs5 lakh under Section 171 of the Mining Concession Rules 2016.

Crackdown on Illegal Mining

The GB administration had directed the Minerals Department to take immediate legal action against the Chinese nationals involved in illegal mining in the region. Acting on the orders, Amjad Hussain, deputy director of the Minerals Department, Baltistan division, along with the area police and a magistrate, conducted a raid at the residence of a Chinese citizen in Skardu town, recovered 65-ton mica and started legal proceedings.

Illegal Mining in Gulappur

On Thursday, Deputy Director of Mines and Minerals Department Gilgit-Baltistan Amjad Hussain conducted a surprise raid in the mining area at different locations of Gulappur in the Shiger district and seized minerals collected through illegal mining from local people. He told The News, “We are taking action against the accused after receiving credible information, and we have received clear instructions from the Gilgit-Baltistan administration to take strict legal action against local and foreign miners who are doing illegal mining.


The release of a Chinese national on bail amidst an illegal mineral smuggling case in Skardu Jail has sparked widespread debate and raised pertinent questions about the integrity of the legal system, diplomatic dynamics, and environmental conservation efforts. As the case continues to unfold, it underscores the complexities inherent in tackling transnational crimes and protecting vulnerable ecosystems. Moving forward, concerted efforts are needed to uphold the rule of law, strengthen diplomatic relations, and preserve our planet’s natural heritage for future generations.

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