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Chief Minister Haji Gulbar Khan Asserts Government Rest Houses Leased to Private Company for Revenue, Denies Claims of Sale

Rejecting reports that government rest homes were being sold outright, Chief Minister Haji Gulbar Khan said in the assembly session that a private business had been leased the rest homes for revenue.

Kazim Mesum, the head of the opposition in Gilgit-Baltistan, had before criticized the administration for renting out 37 rest homes to a private company without holding open bidding procedures. Opposition members Javed Ali Manwa and Raja Zakaria Khan Maqpoon expressed their commitment to oppose the lease of public lands to private corporations without open bidding.

The Chief Minister underlined the government’s dedication to financial prudence and openness. He clarified that after giving it some thought and doing some research, the decision was reached to lease the remaining residences. “Our primary objective is to enhance the state’s revenue streams without compromising public assets,” Khan said. “Leasing the rest houses to a private entity allows us to maintain ownership while benefiting from the income generated.”

Khan went over the specifics of the lease, pointing them that it included strict guidelines to make sure the assets were maintained and preserved. The rest homes must be maintained and renovated by the private enterprise in order for them to continue serving the general public and visiting dignitaries efficiently and staying in good shape.

The possible advantages of this structure were also emphasized by the Chief Minister. The government hopes to benefit from the company’s experience in hospitality management by collaborating with a private organization. This should raise the standard of services offered at the rest homes. This action is expected to increase tourism locally and contribute to the region’s overall economic growth by drawing more tourists and visitors.

In response to queries from members of the opposition and some segments of the public, Khan gave his word that the lease procedure was carried out completely transparently. “There were no clandestine dealings or underhanded agreements,” he said. “Every legal obligation was met, and the lease procedure was transparent, competitive, and open.

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