Naran Road Reopens

Babusar Kaghan Naran Road Reopens for Traffic, Boosting Tourism and Local Economy

For the convenience and protection of visitors, police and community volunteers will continue to patrol, according to the authorities.Every year, the Babusar-Naran Highway is frequently blocked for many months because of excessive snowfall. The roadway reopened to all traffic after a six-month hiatus.

Authorities in the Mansehra district have taken down all the barricades that were obstructing the road leading to Babusar Top, enabling visitors to enjoy some quality time in these idyllic locations.Nestled in the stunning scenery of Pakistan’s northern regions, Naran and Babusar Top entice thousands of visitors year with their unmatched beauty and exciting adventure activities.

The charming hamlet of Naran is the starting point for exploring the breathtaking Kaghan Valley, which offers hikers and nature lovers tranquil lakes, verdant meadows, and towering peaks.

Meanwhile, an exciting drive over twisting roads leads to Babusar Top, a high mountain pass that offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and lush valleys.

Following the operations to clear the snow, visitors will be able to use the Naran Road to explore the picturesque splendor of Naran. The Naran Road is open to visitors as of Saturday morning, according to KDA spokesman Moazam Ali. Additionally, the government has set aside Sunday to begin cleaning activities on Saiful Malook Road.

Furthermore, the National Highway Authority (NHA) has dispatched equipment to clear and reopen the Babusar Top Road from Naran; this operation is expected to take seven or eight days to finish. The spokesman added that hotels in Naran have started to welcome visitors again. He stated that the reopening of hotels signifies the beginning of regular tourism activity in Naran and advised visitors to use caution when traveling.

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