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Another PIA thing! PIA forget the body of deceased in islamabad and took family to skardu

A heartbreaking occurrence occurred on Friday when a PIA aircraft from Islamabad to Skardu left the six-year-old boy’s body behind at the airport in the capital, leaving his parents unaware of the terrible incident.

When the boy’s parents learned that their son’s body had been left behind in Islamabad, they were so startled that they passed out at the Skardu airport.

Mujtaba, a native of Katshi village in the Kharmang area, was sent to Rawalpindi for treatment a month ago after receiving a tumor diagnosis at a Skardu hospital. He was brought to Rawalpindi by his mother and father, Muhammad Askari, and spent weeks receiving care at Benazir Bhutto Hospital. On Thursday, Mujtaba passed away in the hospital.

Parents were horrified and began weeping upon hearing the news, and the boy’s mother and father passed out at the airport, causing sadness and indignation. In addition, the boy’s family members who were waiting to collect the corpse assembled in the airport lounge and began to demonstrate against the PIA management’s carelessness. It went on for three hours.

While on duty at Skardu airport, representatives from the PIA, Civil Aviation Authority, and other authorities attempted to reassure the boy’s parents and relatives and acknowledged their error. They promised the parents that the corpse will be returned on Saturday.

Parents and other family members of the youngster screamed anti-PIA chants. They claimed that although the impoverished family had paid more for the remains to be transported by PIA flight, the airline had engaged in grave negligence. They urged the government to prosecute the individuals in charge of the carelessness.

Another of the boy’s relatives, Yousaf Kamal, said that the corpse had been purposefully left off the aircraft. He stated that on Friday, Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Engineer Amir Muqam was supposed to go from Islamabad to Gilgit. He further mentioned that the inclement weather prevented the PIA flight from Islamabad to Gilgit from operating.

The federal minister, he claimed, had rearranged his schedule, choosing instead to travel to Skardu and hold up the passengers. According to him, the minister had to be accommodated, thus the aircraft that was supposed to leave Islamabad at 9 a.m. was postponed until 1 p.m., leaving the body at the airport.

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